Pilots Wings

White mounting board with pilot’s wings mounted on navy blue linen covered board. Label on white mounting board identifies wings as belonging to Keith (later Sir) Smith. Design on wings using silk embroidery thread. Wings, initials (RFC) and crown in bone coloured thread and wreath in olive thread. Background and outlines in navy blue.

Keith Smith was accepted in July 1917 into the officer cadet wing. He was posted in November to No 58 Squadron, a newly formed bomber unit which left for France in January 1918. On 24 February he was posted to No 75 Squadron as a home defence formation, as a gunnery instructor. Royal Flying Corps Pilot’s Wings awarded in Wales in February 1918. (b.1890, d. 1955). The wings were worn as part of the pilot’s uniform during World War I. For biographical references see ‘Australian Dictionary of Biography’; and ‘Series List PRG 18’, Mortlock Library. For information on badges see R D Williams, ‘Medals to Australia with Valuations’, 1989. NOTE: The ‘pilot’s wings’ were placed in a perspex box by Artlab and travelled into outer space with astronaut Dr Andy Thomas in 1998.